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As the quintessential daily moisturizer made with a beautifying blend of incredibly fast absorbing and highly nutritive oils, this uniquely formulated creation is supremely lightweight, ultra nourishing and vanishes deep within – leaving behind nothing but silky smooth and hydrated skin. The Ghost oil vanishes deep within the skin without leaving a trace.

Suitable for all skin types.

All natural and plant-based ingredients. Vegan friendly. Tested on humans, not animals.


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The Ghost oil comes in a stunning black transparent glass jar with a round-head dropper and is 1 fl. oz/30 ml.


True to form and what we believe a ghost would smell like… The Ghost oil has no scent added. While we have not added any essential oils – the natural aroma of the coconut oil and other plant-based oils can be traced from time to time.


There are many different ways you can use our beauty oils – they are truly multi-purpose products with many facets of functionality.

As a moisturizer:

After cleansing, warm 2-4 drops between hands, then gently press and massage into face and body Alternatively, if you don’t want to use the oil on its own, you can also mix 1-2 drops into your favourite daily moisturizer.

As a makeup remover and cleanser:

Apply as many drops as you require to a cotton pad and watch your makeup/dirt/grime/bacteria melt from off your face onto the pad. Will even remove waterproof makeup with incredible ease.

As a nourishing cuticle oil:

All that is needed is about 1-2 drops total for all your cuticles to be instantly nourished. Try it out and be completely amazed.

Hydrate dry patches on face or body:

For any dry patches on your face or body use our beauty oil to add instant hydration and relief to your skin. With consistent daily use your dry patch will vanish.

Restore dry-ends on Hair

Constant exposure to heat can really dry out the hair. Use our beauty oil at the ends of your hair to help keep it healthy and properly nourished.

A natural alternative to shaving cream

Ditch the chemical laden shaving cream from drug stores and opt for a more nutritive option. Apply just a few drops (about 2-3) on your leg, moisturize it into your skin and shave away! It’ll leave your legs with the closest and cleanest shave you’ve ever seen & keep it hydrated without feeling greasy.

As a massage oil

Need a deep neck or back rub? Use as many drops as you want to help loosen muscle strains and moisturize your skin at the same time.


Squalane oil, Coconut fractionated oil, Camellia flower oil, Apricot Kernel seed oil and Safflower oil.

This product is unscented.

//A   C L O S E R   L O O K   I N S I D E   T H E   G H O S T   O I L//

Made with a beautifying blend of incredibly fast absorbing and highly nutritive oils, this uniquely formulated creation is supremely lightweight, ultra nourishing and vanishes deep into the skin leaving behind nothing but silky smooth and hydrated skin. Disappears without a single trace and suitable for all skin types.

Squalane (olive) oil is able to rapidly penetrate into the skin because it resembles the natural oils produced by the body. Squalane is a natural lubricant and skin barrier that effectively helps protect the skin and prevent moisture loss. It also has a high penetration efficiency that makes it an excellent transport system that helps the skin absorb other nourishing ingredients

Coconut Fractionated oil is processed in a way that removes all the long chain fatty acids, leaving only the healthy medium chain fatty acids. Due to the way it is processed, fractionated coconut oil has a high concentration of Capric acid and Caprylic acid, which gives it an amazing amount of antioxidant and disinfecting properties. Fractionated coconut oils are often used for medical purposes; they can be used to treat mal-absorption problems and to help with absorption of essential minerals and proteins. Combined with Squalane oil, this gives The Ghost oil a very long shelf life (24 months instead of just 12 months) as well as greatly increased stability.

Camellia flower oil has been used for centuries by Geishas in Japan to remove their iconic makeup and provide ultra-hydration to their oil-starved skin. Camellia oil has outstanding moisture and emollient properties and it is one of the lightest and fast absorbent plant oils. It penetrates skin as fast as water, leaving it supple and hydrated. The oil contains mono-saturated essential fatty acids and very high in oleic acid.

Safflower oil is known as an incredibly lightweight oil with high absorption rate that delivers heavy-weight moisture into the skin. Since it is high in oleic acid, it can deliver heavier hydration into your skin than potent night creams. It is a non-staining oil that does not clog pores.

Apricot Kernel seed oil will not only leave your skin feeling silky smooth but is also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties that is commonly used on irritated and acne-prone skin.


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