Magnolia Hair & Body Perfume oil
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Magnolia Hair & Body Perfume oil


Exotic, feminine and beautifully intoxicating – only a few drops on your pulse points of our Magnolia absolute perfume oil will keep you richly scented throughout the day.

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Our pure plant-based hair and body perfume oil is highly concentrated with: premium-grade Magnolia flower Absolute, ethically sourced Argan oil and wild-crafted Camellia flower oil from Japan.
Please note: only 100 bottles of this exclusive oil will made in a month; availability will be limited to maximize freshness and to maintain integrity of the ingredients. 
The perfume oil will be inside our traditional clear rectangular glass bottle with a silver cap and dropper. Different from our other oils, this product will be much larger in size (50 mL)


  1. I’m from southeast Georgia, USA, and this oil is home in a bottle. I love it for so many reasons. I think the magnolia oil has some kind of benefit for brittle hair, because I can see an immediate change to my frizziness without a greasy feeling. I also use is as a perfume. I’m here today to purchase for my mama. She smelled it on me when hugging me and just couldn’t get enough of it. There’s a huge tree in her yard that she loves. It definitely pulls at our southern belle heartstrings. As a perfume, it soaks in quickly and the smell is lightly rose-esque, slightly musky, and very smooth. It smells exactly like a magnolia freshly blooming. It’s feminine and floral without being sweet. It lasts about 5 hours on my pulse points and a little goes a long way. This will not be like any conventional perfume in that it doesn’t override your peraonal scent by flooding it with a preservative fragrance. This perfume’s smell soaks into your own skin to make a completely natural hint of something special. It’s beautifully made.

  2. This is the most beautiful oil – the scent is voluptuous and absolutely lovely. It is not at all overwhelming, but is just right. It does not disappear in five minutes, but is not going to knock anyone over. Absolutely love it on my hair both as a treatment and scent. If you’re on the fence, grab it! You cannot go wrong. Please never stop making this!!!

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